Uruguay aims to relax expat visa and residency requirements

Uruguay aims to relax expat visa and residency requirements

Uruguay aims to relax expat visa and residency requirements

Uruguay may be a new kid on the block as regards expat destinations, but its newly relaxed visa rules make it well worth considering.

According to recent press reports, Uruguay’s proposed new visa laws are expected to provide a good value, stable, first-world experience for expatriates willing to give the country a try. The country now has a newly-elected centre-right government determined to simplify excessive bureaucracy which, until now, has stopped the country from becoming a favourite with expat professionals.

For example, at the present time gaining residence requires at least a six-month stay, with the application taking about a year. The new rules are expected to cut the application time drastically, making it far easier for expats to achieve residential status. Although Uruguay is a small state, its lifestyle options are varied according to location, with the capital Montevideo known for its busy cultural scene and established expat community.

Other attractions for long-stay expats include the country’s most upscale beach resort of Punta del Este, the small, charming Atlantic coastal town of La Paloma and a number of rural havens in the countryside. If self-sufficiency is on the expat agenda, small farms can easily be bought. Interestingly, Uruguay’s infrastructure is far superior to that in a good number of adjacent countries. The culture itself is based on inclusiveness and tolerance, with learning just enough Spanish to get around much appreciated by locals.

The expected visa changes are aimed at attracting businesses, investment and new residents by speeding up the time needed to get residence as well as initiating new tax incentives to attract small and medium-sized businesses and foreign investment. Uruguay is basically a middle-class, democratic country with a reputation for stability, set between Argentina and Brazil and now looking to become a favourite destination for expat professionals as well as retirees and SMEs.

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