Dublin now world’s worst for expat accommodation

Posted on 4 Dec at 6 PM in Ireland
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Dublin now world’s worst for expat accommodation

Dublin now world’s worst for expat accommodation

If you’re considering relocating to Dublin due to Brexit, you may have unexpected issues finding a suitable property.

According to newly-released survey results, the Irish Republic’s capital is now the world’s worst as regards finding an affordable place to live. The popular expat destination came last in the study of 83 world cities, both for availability and affordability, with some respondents saying the situation was so bad they’d considered leaving.

Some 88 per cent of expats who took part in the study rated its affordability set against the global average of 44 per cent as little short of a disaster for incomers, with some 59 percent describing the situation as ‘very bad’. It seems Dublin’s housing is not only far too expensive for the average expat renter or buyer, it’s also a hard job to find any kind of acceptable accommodation.

The survey also covered a wide range of aspects of life for incomers to the 83 world cities, focusing on quality of life, ease of settling in and finances as well as the all-important issue of housing. As regards average costs of living, the Irish capital took 76th place, with its overall ranking standing at 72nd. For expats still determined to give it a try, its scores for job security and work/life balance were more than acceptable. Unsurprisingly, 75 per cent of respondents rated Dublin as great for career opportunities, this ranking it fourth in the world in the sector.

Also, the vast majority of those surveyed gave a thumbs up to the city’s friendly locals as well as rating Irish culture as easy to get used to and understand. All in all, considering that an increasing number of British nationals in the tech sector are moving to the Republic due to Brexit, it’s no surprise that suitable property is becoming harder to find and more expensive to secure.

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