Is Greece an escape from post-Brexit Britain

Posted on 28 Nov at 6 PM in Europe News
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Is Greece an escape from post-Brexit Britain

Is Greece an escape from post-Brexit Britain

The beauties of Greece have been attracting tourists and retirees for decades, but what’s it like nowadays for British would-be expats looking to escape Brexit Britain?

Once a favourite holiday destination, Greece’s attractions have persuaded many UK expats to stay long-term, despite its economic uncertainties and political instability. The relaxed lifestyle, genuinely friendly peoples, affordable cost of living and housing and summer sunshine are all plus-points, even although the beautiful, ancient land hasn’t proved as popular as Spain and France.

Believed by scholars to be Western civilisation’s pre-Roman birthplace, Greece’s history stretches back to the ancient Minoan and Mycenaean periods, with remnants of both easily found in the mainland Greek countryside and on its islands as well as in its museums. This idyllic representation is in stark contrast with the modern-day political and economic conditions still holding the country back from achieving its full potential.

For expats looking for work, Athens and Thessaloniki are the two best bets, with the latter home to a Science Centre and Technology Park and the former hosting a financial hub and the headquarters of a number of multinational companies. Outside the two major cities, there’s a need for English teachers, and the reviving tourist industry can also provide jobs for those with a basic knowledge of the language. Starting up a tourism-oriented business with a difference can also reap rewards.

For new expat arrivals, Greece is a fascinating combination of ancient and modern dotted with olive groves, Greek Orthodox churches and traditional villages, but for obsessively career-oriented expats there’s not a lot to inspire a long-term stay. However, for Britons escaping the home country’s political chaos it’s another story, with affordable village life and some of the friendliest, most supportive locals on earth, as well as smaller expat communities looking to live a healthy, happy life amongst friends.

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