Prague now in top 100 world healthcare survey ratings

Prague now in top 100 world healthcare survey ratings

Prague now in top 100 world healthcare survey ratings

According to a recent medical services survey, Prague is now ranked in the 100 best world countries for hospitals and healthcare.

The newly-released listings were compiled using categories including access, quality of care and numbers of hospital beds as against population numbers, with Prague a new entry to the 100-best listing. Although its ranking was 99, it beat out Dubai, a surprising result, and came just below Krakow. Top of the list was Tokyo, followed by Boston, London, Paris and Seoul making up the top five.

The London result was a surprise, and might well be argued about for some while due to the horrendous present-day state of the UK’s world-famous National Health Service. Also interestingly, the Czech Republic is the new kid on the block as regards medical tourism. Prague’s strengths rested on the availability of medical care in general, with the study noting the city is home to a good number of specialised patient centres and costs for the care provided were reasonable.

However, low availability of experienced surgeons as well as mental health professionals and top-quality universities as well as hospitals held the city back in the rankings. Prague itself has just six major hospitals as well as a further 20 smaller medical centres and clinics specialising in technical and scientific research.

Expats in the process of comparing Prague with Dubai as the next step on their career-oriented progress from country to country should bear in mind the fact that the glittering Middle Eastern hub rated below Prague in spite of its endless TV advertising campaigns, thus making the Czech city more attractive to expat healthcare workers.

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