Hong Kong based expats will find Singapore a safer environment

Hong Kong based expats will find Singapore a safer environment

Hong Kong based expats will find Singapore a safer environment

For those Hong Kong-based expats now considering a move to Singapore due to the continuing riots, it’s fairly straightforward to organise.

Expats now living and working in Hong Kong but unsure about their futures could well make the move to Singapore with ease. Although salaries in the city state tend to be lower by 10 per cent than the average in Hong Kong, many HK expatriate professionals are now heading for Singapore for a better and possibly safer quality of life. The city is fast-becoming a replacement Asian trading hub, drawing thousands of finance professionals to its laid-back lifestyle, even although laws are stricter than in HK.

In addition, Singapore’s cost of living is far less than its Hong Kong equivalent, especially regarding property rentals. The only drawback is that education and healthcare costs are similar in both destinations. The import of personal goods into Singapore is standard procedure with items for business usage taxed on a goods and services basis, but import of personal effects is tax-free. Pets can also be imported, but must have the usual inoculations and paperwork.

As regards work permits, the benefit is clear, as once your work permit is granted you can make an application for permanent residency. Various work permits are available, with the type you get dependent on your salary. Should you be working for an offshore or overseas company, you’ll still need a Singaporean organisation as a sponsor. In spite of Singapore’s reputation as an expensive city, rentals in the main are reasonably priced, and the city-state’s lifestyle is more relaxed, cleaner and cheaper than that of Hong Kong.

Income tax is lower, meaning you’ve more cash left for enjoying all the city has to offer. Once you’ve made the decision to relocate, you’ll need to find an agent who can deal with matters such as visas, helping to find a home, schooling should you be traveling with your family and even pet transportation. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find settling in is easy, leaving you secure and free to enjoy your fascinating new location and all it has to offer.

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