What’s the reality of Vietnam as a base for work or retirement?

What’s the reality of Vietnam as a base for work or retirement?

What’s the reality of Vietnam as a base for work or retirement?

Vietnam is fast becoming the go-to Southeast Asian destination for working or retiring expats.

The country is now taking over from Thailand as regards accepting newcomers due to the formerly popular location’s recently perceived dislike of foreigners of all shapes and sizes.
Once struggling under the effects of the Vietnamese war, the booming state is now welcoming incomers arriving from its neighbouring states as well as from the Western hemisphere and China.

The main attraction for Westerners is Vietnam’s quality of life, eminently suitable for retirees, start-up business owners and digital nomads, and the cost of living is refreshingly low. For would-be expat residents, Vietnamese food is fresh, delicious and healthy, accommodation is inexpensive and a good number of teaching jobs are easily available, especially in the two major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For those searching from a quieter, more rural lifestyle, Vietnam’s stunning small beach towns and cooler small cities in the mountainous heartland are just what’s needed.

Vietnam is also popular with USA ex-servicemen who fought in the war and are now returning to live their lives in peace in a land they’d learned to love in the most difficult of circumstances. Mostly due to the Vietnamese war, locals are welcoming and friendly towards expat newcomers including non-Americans. Depending on your preferred lifestyle, you’ll find many different vibes across this mostly rural country, with digital nomads and tech entrepreneurs settling in Hanoi and forming a strong expat community. Hanoi is a hub for teaching English, and USA citizen returnees are scattered just about everywhere.

For those not wanting to retire, getting a visa can be tricky but not impossible, and exploring the country before settling on a final location is straightforward and very enjoyable. All told, it seems that Vietnam’s amazing leap to economic success is just part of the process of becoming a leader in Southeast Asia, a position it thoroughly deserves. For those expats who decide to settle in this fascinating land, they can rest easy knowing their welcome is secure and their contribution to the country’s success will be appreciated.

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