Evaluating Europe as an expat professional destination

Evaluating Europe as an expat professional destination

Evaluating Europe as an expat professional destination

How is Europe shaping up for potential expat professionals?

Recent research suggests there are 33 million expatriates from across the rest of the world living and working on the European continent, but what’s the reality of relocation to a relatively expensive overall destination?

One of the major reasons for a relocation to a European Union member state seems to be an improved quality of life both for single expats and those with families in tow. Bigger paychecks come as standard, and longer parental leave and better choices as regards education are other important draws. Fewer expats arrive after following their sense of adventure, with Asia an all-time favourite for this sector of wanderers, but relatively stable countries such as France are being celebrated for their expat lifestyles.

Spain is popular for its sunshine and slower pace of life, although last month’s shock-horror weather patterns may have dented its image for at least a while as regards the mental and physical health of its expat communities. Expats in Switzerland love their new lives and are earning plenty enough to be able to enjoy everything the tiny, visually dramatic country has to offer. Here, at least, political instability is almost impossible. In Europe in general, all the usual drawbacks such as learning a new language, making new friends and enduring seasonal depressions still apply, but self-help and an active expat community have the answers for these and more expatriation-related issues.

For those not quite sure whether expatriation is for them, it should be said the majority of global and European expats have asked themselves the same questions and still decided to take the gamble of a new job, a new country and a new, hopefully better lifestyle. The majority, it would seem, are more than happy with their decisions and are now not planning to return to the home country for the foreseeable future.

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