Five top German cities for ambitious expats

Posted on 26 Sep at 6 PM in Germany
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Five top German cities for ambitious expats

Five top German cities for ambitious expats

If you’re a qualified, experienced expat professional, the world’s your oyster as regards relocation, with Germany one of the better options.

The home of a good selection of multinational companies as well as a relatively familiar cultural environment for expats, Germany and its major cities give plenty of choice for a successful relocation. The capital of Berlin is a vibrant mix of modern and traditional architecture and is famous for its street art, carefully created green spaces, lakes and even historic remnants of WWII and the infamous Berlin Wall. Excellent transportation and a great selection of nightlife come as standard, as do excellent restaurants and a great selection of regular events.

Munich’s Oktoberfest is world-famous, as are the city’s beers, especially amongst the 25 per cent of residents who’re expatriates. It’s the capital city of Bavaria province and is famous for its arts, music and the number of major international companies who’ve headquartered in its commercial district. Many expatriates choose to live outside the city centre in the suburbs, commuting daily and returning to rural settings every evening.

For expat financiers looking to grow their careers, Frankfurt with its towering skyscrapers and buzzing city centre is the best choice, with everything from trendy apartments to fine dining and luxury shopping. Again, living outside the central area and commuting via a comprehensive transportation system is many expats’ preference. The Bavarian city of Nuremburg, famous for its WWII trials, is home to a sizeable expat community and English is widely spoken. Even so, it’s recommended that newly arrived expats have at least one course in German under their belts.

Stuttgart, set amidst valleys, hills and tree-lined parks, is another of Germany’s more relaxed expat destinations for its array of theatres, cafes and shops. It’s famed for its position as the main driver of the German automotive industry and is still the headquarters for the sought after Porsche and Mercedes-Benz ranges of luxury cars. The city is also the source for a good number of high-tech jobs in its industrial heartland.

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