Five best European cities for expats permanently disenchanted with the home country

Five best European cities for expats permanently disenchanted with the home country

Five best European cities for expats permanently disenchanted with the home country

Following the departure from the UK of a large number of leading international financial firms, would-be British expats are wondering which major European city is right for them.

Former favourite European destinations such as Luxembourg, Paris and Dublin are now full to the brim with escaping expat professionals, with prices for just about every necessity including housing soaring through the roof as a result. At the present time, Europe as a whole and especially its newer states has seen a massive transfer of nationals searching for a better lifestyle and more money, adding to the demographic pressure on amenities. In addition, traditional destination such as Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands have too few citizens to support economic growth as well as pension obligations to an increasing number of older citizens.

A recent survey ranking Europe’s remaining destinations for expats included the cost of living compared with London, affordability of housing, quality of life, English language competency, international schools and lack of corruption. Five countries stood out from the rest, with Rotterdam claiming first position as a favourite for startups, strong on business and great for entertainment. Housing costs are 10 per cent less than in Amsterdam, and the city is energising rather than exhausting. Eindhoven took second place for its easy access to the rest of Europe, its career opportunities, its affordability and low crime stats and also its top-class tech-based university.

Estonia’s Tallin came in a third place, and seems to be happy to welcome anyone who wants to come. It’s a fast-developing metropolis looking to the future as it builds on its past and, again, it’s perfect for start-up expat tech entrepreneurs as well as having a cost of living half that of London. Vienna was placed fourth in the survey results for its elegance, multinational companies with their career opportunities and its incredible cultural scene. It’s a still affordable classical European city, although its government isn’t exactly expat-friendly.

Slovenia’s Ljubljana came in at fifth position for its excellent education system and its lead in international space exploration and robotics. The state is preparing to launch its very own satellite and is now constructing Europe’s first AI research centre. It’s also great for outdoor activities including winter skiing, and is increasingly popular with tourists. For would-be expats, it’s lists like this which persuade those sick to death of political chaos in their home countries to up and leave, thus transferring their skills, qualifications and experience to their chosen new locations. For many, it seems, the move becomes permanent, losing the home country even more top talent.

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