Hints on finding WiFi everywhere as a digital nomad

 Hints on finding WiFi everywhere as a digital nomad

Hints on finding WiFi everywhere as a digital nomad

In the digital nomad hierarchy of needs, underlying everything is the constant provision of quality wi-fi, wherever in the world you find yourself.

Digital nomadism is a relatively recent addition to the list of occupations favouring expat life, and is perhaps the most revolutionary to date as it takes in absolutely everywhere on the planet and mostly involves millennials and younger travellers. It’s one of the most exciting and rewarding expat sectors, but relies on speedy wi-fi services in order to earn enough for the next international journey. A weak signal means less earnings and a possible loss of clients, but it’s a well-understood symptom for experienced digital nomads who’ve been there, done that and found workarounds for the problem.

The advent of smartphones was a boon to the expat digital nomad community worldwide, provided they remembered to get their phones unlocked before their initial move. International data plans are just for tourists on short holidays overseas, and are no use whatsoever for nomads. The answer is to use a local SIM card, easily and economically available in most world countries and providing unlimited data for up to a month. Occasional slowdowns do happen, but it’s more than enough for surfing, researching, writing and uploading as well as emailing.

For those still locked in to a contract which disallows your using your smartphone as a hotspot, getting a mobile router and using your SIM is the way to go. One added advantage is that this doesn’t drain the phone’s battery and result in its lifespan being shortened. One very useful addition to your digital lifestyle is the Skyroam Solis X, advertised as a ‘smartspot’ which gives 4Glite Wi-Fi in well over 100 countries worldwide. It’s also a remote camera, power bank and smart assistant – just what many digital nomads need.

If you’re travelling by train, free Wi-Fi is now common in many countries as well as in the air, and using travel time to catch up with work leaves more free days to explore. Transit hubs such as major rail stations and airports often offer a limited Wi-Fi service as well. One totally reliable source of free Wi-Fi is found just about everywhere nowadays and can be a lifeline for busy nomads desperate for a fast service and great coffee. Yes, there’s a Starbucks close by almost anywhere you’re heading, and its culture means you can work and sip coffee to your heart’s content.

Another blessing for digital nomads is the explosion of co-working spaces in the vast majority of digital nomad destinations. The facilities are usually run by those with an understanding of the digital lifestyle, thus helping new arrivals feel at home and comfortable whilst they’re working. Available on a short- or long-term basis, they’ve changed the fact of digital nomadism in a comparatively short time. It’s for sure the digital nomad lifestyle’s morphed for the better over the last few years, with advanced technology unheard of over a decade ago now serving adventurous expats all across the five continents.

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