Is Kuwait the place for expat professionals looking for a secure job?

Is Kuwait the place for expat professionals looking for a secure job?

Is Kuwait the place for expat professionals looking for a secure job?

If you’re considering taking employment in Kuwait, but aren’t sure if it's right for you due to its religion and culture, an online search can answer all your questions.

The vast majority of Asian and European would-be expats know very little about Kuwait as a destination and are unsure about its suitability as a hub for the career-minded. Most of the information they do have is from popular online Western media outlets, some of which sensationalise the emirate’s news items, thus confusing expats in the throes of considering their options. One thing’s for sure, understanding and accepting a totally different social culture and religion isn’t straightforward and can cause major issues for the unwary.

Kuwait is religiously conservative in comparison with the rest of the Gulf States, as alcohol is forbidden and there are no nightclubs or similar entertainment choices. However, the experience isn’t so very difficult for Western expats, as there’s much in its favour, including high salaries allowing for a luxury lifestyle. Living expenses aren’t cheap, but tax-free expat salaries make up for the expense and allow for extras which would have been unaffordable in the home country. There’s also enough left to save as against holidays or even pensions.

If you’re offered a job in Kuwait, it’s important to have your contract and other paperwork checked out by a bilingual lawyer as coinciding with what you’ve been told either face-to-face or on the phone. Keeping your home country’s embassy or consulate aware of your offer will reassure you it’s genuine. Expats need Kuwaiti sponsors, but checking the community reputation of your sponsor is one way to avoid future issues. The emirate itself is cosmopolitan in that it’s open to diverse nationalities and their individual cultures. It should also be remembered that freedom of religion is mandated by law.

Newly arrived expats will be made to feel welcome right from the start, and English is widely spoken. The climate is extremely hot during the summer months, with aircon literally everywhere, but winters can feel cold. Getting a driving license as an expat is straightforward, as long as you have a permit for the home country and are an experienced motorist. Deciding to accept a contract in Kuwait is solely up to the individual, as the country itself isn’t half as bad as certain international and local media outlets would have you believe.

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