Where not to go to make your tech-based fortune

Where not to go to make your tech-based fortune

Where not to go to make your tech-based fortune

Where not to go if you’re a digital nomad or IT entrepreneur.

The big news in the expat world is morphing away from the financial sector’s Asian hubs and the Gulf States to a sub-sector almost unheard of a decade ago – digital nomadism and entrepreneurship. It’s almost as if the multinationals have missed the boat and it’s all going on outside their sphere of influence. Stunning new talents whose dream used to be a job in Silicone Valley are now creating their own hubs un Europe, Asia and as far away as China, aided by start-up investors, tax relief schemes and the best digital infrastructure available.

Talented techies who’ve decided on a destination they fell in love with on holiday may not be making the best decision for their careers, according to a recent survey identifying the worst possible places to start a tech-sector business. One shock was the inclusion of Vietnam in the 15 worst countries listings even although it’s one of Asia’s fastest-developing countries and known for its low cost of living. Now increasingly popular as a Southeast Asian retirement destination, it’s definitely not the place for a tech startup.

Italy may be historic, romantic and have some of the best food in the entire Mediterranean but it sucks as regards fast internet access, cashless payments and other 21st century benefits for digital nomads. Its online government services don’t help expats get the visa info they need, and getting an Italian mobile phone number is a nightmare. At the bottom of the survey’s barrel is Uganda, one of the world’s worst for aspiring digital entrepreneurs hoping to make their fortunes. Home-based internet services are practically unavailable, although getting a mobile phone number is amazingly straightforward.

Peru is popular with expats from the USA, but more than 30 per cent of established incomers are disappointed with the lack of speed and reliability of home-based high-speed internet links, with Indonesia’s high speed access and general access to social media sites also getting a poor rating in the study. For expat entrepreneurs needing unrestricted access to social media to further their careers, China and Saudi Arabia are literally the worst places in the world for both services. It’s unfortunate that the majority of suitable locations for budding IT giants are in colder climes such as Scandinavia and northern Europe, but even digital entrepreneurs can’t have it all!

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