Is New Zealand the ultimate stress-buster for expats?

Is New Zealand the ultimate stress-buster for expats?

Is New Zealand the ultimate stress-buster for expats?

Is expat life in New Zealand as stress free as it’s advertised?

Given that nowhere on the planet is perfect and the internet isn’t comprised of gold tablets inscribed with nothing but the truth, should would-be expats desperate for a less stressful life believe all they read? Out of all the possible expat destinations in the world, New Zealand’s reputation for a stress-free life has attracted a large number of expat professionals, retirees and entrepreneurs seeking relief from the strain of living in the 21st century. Quality of life is all important nowadays, but does this small archipelago half-way to the Antarctic deliver what it promises?

All popular expat locations have their advantages, but measuring stress levels can be tricky. For many new expat arrivals in this admittedly stunning land, New Zealand’s reputation as a kind of Little Britain stuck firmly in the middle of the last century may well have seemed attractive, but for millennials it’s a huge turn-off. It’s also a total misconception of the country as it is today – forward-looking and fully aware it’s unique. The lack of the usual stress of being a newly-arrived expat from the West is the first indication, as both Kiwis and the established expat communities are friendly, welcoming and helpful. Kiwis who’ve spent a while in the West are more open than those who’ve stayed put, but everyone welcomes new arrivals.

The cost of living is seen as high, but so are salaries compared to those in the UK, and work relationships are laid-back thus reducing the likelihood of stress for those starting a new job. The fact that English is the official language is a great stress-buster and also helps expat families and their children cope with schooling and any medical issues which may crop up from time to time. Another major stress-buster is New Zealand’s slower pace of life, giving newbies time to adjust and enjoy their new lifestyles.

Lastly, the sheer beauty of New Zealand’s unique scenic glories captivated millions who watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and has an even stronger effect on those who live within easy reach of such diverse beauty. All told, living a comparatively stress-free life in this land comes as part of the package for expats of all shapes and sizes.

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