Tips on choosing a second career as an expat

Posted on 11 Jun at 6 PM in Relocation
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Tips on choosing a second career as an expat

Tips on choosing a second career as an expat

So you’ve decided on a career change, but how do you go about it?

Changing your career may well be slightly scary, but life as an expat may well have that effect as it exposes professionals to talents they never realised they could use to build a new, more satisfying career. However, in order to make a success of a completely new start, it’s essential to examine every aspect of your potential change of focus. It’s impossible to predict the pathway of a new career, but studying every aspect of the new life you’ll lead is the sensible way forward.

The financial downside of preparing for a new career is that employers no longer conduct on-the-job training, expecting job applicants to have exactly the new skills required. Finding an affordable ‘how to’ course at beginners’ level might take time, but every cent you spend will result in your being further on in your search for another career. Online searches will give plenty of course options, both at beginners’ and higher levels, with taking a beginners’ course usually enough to decide whether the sector is for you without having to spend a fortune.

Checking out your preferred sector by reading both blogs and books on your hopefully new profession is the next step, and joining relevant online Facebook groups as well as attending events will broaden your experience of your new field of expertise. At this point, how you feel about your experiences is the best guide as to whether your choice of a new career is right for you. Relating to the people you’re now talking to is a positive sign, and comparing your skills, job experience and education with others in your chosen field via Linkedin can indicate whether you’re up for the next step.

Checking whether your degree is relevant is also important, as many sectors require suitable qualifications rather than being results-oriented. The tech industry is one exception to this, relying on new employees’ ideas rather than relevant education. If you need to earn a generous salary, choose a sector which pays well at start-up level, even if it means working all hours plus a few more. Another point well worth checking out are the comparative salary levels for the same job in various countries.

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