Where are the best world cities for vegan expatriates?

Where are the best world cities for vegan expatriates?

Where are the best world cities for vegan expatriates?

If you’re a committed foodie, the cuisine of your chosen expat haven is a big part of your decision.

Very few expats make the major mistake of moving to a country with a totally unsuitable cuisine, choosing either a destination where world cuisine is easily available or a land with foods they already enjoy. The worldwide popularity of vegetarianism as a foodie choice is now well covered in the majority of expat hubs, but what if you’ve taken your preferences a step further and become a vegan?

Being a vegan expat and actually finding outlets serving suitable dishes used to be a nightmare, no matter where in the world you were living, but nowadays it’s far easier to find vegan meals almost anywhere. Veganism as a way of life is becoming ever more popular as the reality of climate change and its threat to many species hits home, with most major cities offering a good choice of vegan outlets.

Some countries, such as Vietnam, already have veganism planted firmly in their native cuisine, but even nations firmly committed to ‘meat and two veg’ are realising its not everyone’s choice. For example, Berlin gives one of the best scenarios for vegans, with more than 60 eateries dotted across the city, serving traditional vegan dishes as well as health-conscious recipes, Middle Eastern recipes and East Asian foods. In addition, non-dairy milk options are easily found, as are vegan supermarkets and even clothing stores.

The Czech Republic capital of Prague is another vegan haven, with many eateries offering raw vegan and health food delights. If you’re heading to the smallish US city of Philadelphia, it’s one of the most vegan-friendly conurbations on the planet, with its huge selection of vegan restaurants making it a perfect expat hub for those committed to conservation. Surprisingly, Mexico City is another great destination for vegan visitors and expatriates, as Mexican cuisine is already relatively vegan friendly. Traditional Mexican recipes adapt well to vegan requirements, and street food as well as indoor eating gives plenty of delicious choices.

Thailand’s traditional cuisine tends towards veganism, with the popular tourist and expat-friendly city of Chiang Mai a good place for recipes using tofu instead of meat. However, fish sauce and eggs may cause problems. Taiwan is perhaps Southeast Asia’s vegan heartland due to its strong Buddhist traditions and the fact that many local favourites are vegan by definition. Restaurants and informal eateries serving vegan dishes are plentiful, and even raw vegans can find enough delicious alternatives to sustain their travels.

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