Brexit effect stopping flow of EU expats to UK

Posted on 15 May at 6 PM in Europe News
Story link: Brexit effect stopping flow of EU expats to UK
Brexit effect stopping flow of EU expats to UK

Brexit effect stopping flow of EU expats to UK

Research has revealed the Brexit effect on EU expats moving to the UK

Unsurprisingly, research from leading international home movers is now showing a lack of demand from EU citizens moving to the UK, coupled with another significant decline in the numbers of British expats relocating to the home country.

A survey of a number of international removal specialists analysed over 100,000 quotes and found a sharp drop in those moving from EU member states to the UK. The spur for this drastic change was the 2016 Brexit referendum result, with numbers falling from 42 per cent of quotes in June 2016 to 23 per cent in March 2019. In comparison, moves within the EU bloc have increased from 16 to 28 per cent of quotes, and moves from EU member states to the rest of the world are up from 16 per cent to 49 per cent.

In addition, numbers of those staying the UK as their destination of choice have now fallen to 22 per cent from a high of 66 per cent in June 2016. Even figures for numbers of non-European moves to the UK have fallen, from nine per cent in 2016 to two per cent earlier this year. The results are believed to stem from fears the UK’s withdrawal and resulting loss of freedom of movement will severely effect job potential and the cost of working visas.

Clearly, the reality of Brexit is hitting hard on would-be expats’ choices of destination as well as dramatically reducing the flow of expat professionals heading for new UK jobs. Uncertainty as regards job security and workers’ rights is encouraging EU citizens to find opportunities elsewhere in states which allow settlement without the fear of upheaval.

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