Relocation checklist for expats heading for Singapore

Relocation checklist for expats heading for Singapore

Relocation checklist for expats heading for Singapore

If you’ve landed the perfect job and are headed to Singapore, a carefully considered checklist of your needs can help.

A relocation checklist is essential for would-be expats heading away from the home country into an unknown culture, as it can save time, money and very definitely unwanted hassle. The first and most important is your work visa and permit, especially if you’ve to take care of it yourself. Hopefully your new employer will make certain you’re provided with the correct pass for your new job, with getting the Employment Pass for expat professionals usually done by the boss. It’s also possible to bring in your family on either the Dependents’ Pass or on a Long Term Visit Pass.

Healthcare in Singapore boasts some of the highest standards in the world with similar costs for public or private facilities leading to most expats going for private cover, especially as charges are reasonable compared with those in the USA. It’s roughly the same with accommodation, with renting the best option when you first arrive. Planning a trip before you emigrate is the best idea as it gives an idea of what’s available and at what cost. Most Western expats prefer to live in condo blocks with shared swimming pools, gyms and adequate security. For the seriously wealthy, grand colonial homes are a must.

If you’ve school-aged children, researching into Singapore’s international education options if you’re on a short stay is best, whilst public schooling may be suitable for long-term expat kids as it gives a better chance of integrating into the culture. Hopefully your new employer will offer an education allowance, as good, Western-style schooling can be expensive. For the move itself, it’s best to use an experienced, reputable international removal specialist company which takes care of every single aspect of transportation, including customs and excise, storage, delivery to your home and the transportation of valuables.

If you’re determined to drive in Singapore, you’ll need to exchange your current license for the local version within the first year of your residence. The first move is to attend one of Singapore’s three driving offices and take the Basic Theory Test, after which you can apply for the local license – provided you passed the test!

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