Tips on seeing the world as an expat digital nomad

Tips on seeing the world as an expat digital nomad

Tips on seeing the world as an expat digital nomad

The relatively new kids on the expat block are digital nomads, travelling wherever their fancy takes them and earning money online as they go.

Due to the rise of world-wide internet access, digital nomads are now a major force in the international expat community, living a totally different lifestyle from that of traditional expat professionals earning mega-bucks in upscale destinations such as the Gulf States, Hong Kong and Singapore. The vast majority of new-style travellers are young, tech savvy, determined to see as much of the world as possible and financing their travel by writing everything from websites and software through city and country guides to relocation advice, advertorials, local news and more.

A good few rely on temporary jobs in order to pay the rent in their current location, with teaching English either on or offline an all-time favourite. The majority take a TEFL qualification as it enables them to teach in public schools, provided they also have a bachelors’ degree. Freelance copywriting and travel blogging are popular earners for those not wanting to stay in one place for too long and, for many wanderers, freelancing as a copywriter or graphic designer pays the bills.

Another option is an e-commerce website offering local products derived from the culture of the current location, and using eBay to sell almost anything can work just as well. For the seriously tech savvy expat on the move, becoming a freelance web designer gives higher wages wherever you’re located, and those with a background in finance can do well by day-trading stocks or online forex trading.

If a beachside stay is part of the plan, working as a certified scuba-diving instructor is the perfect way to incorporate your personal passion into your financial lifestyle. If longer stays in any one place are the preferred option and English is your first language, call centre jobs in Southeast Asia can be the answer for at least a few months. The beauty of travelling as a digital nomad is the freedom it gives to pack up and go when the time’s right for you.

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