Amsterdam ticks all boxes as a hub for tech startups

Amsterdam ticks all boxes as a hub for tech startups

Amsterdam ticks all boxes as a hub for tech startups

Amid huge competition from worldwide capital cities, Amsterdam is still drawing the brightest and best tech professionals.

Almost 20 years on from the turn of the millennium panic that existing software and hardware would crash due to the unusual date change, the tech transformation has created a phenomenal worldwide industry centred in digital hub cities scattered across all five continents. IT professionals have a huge choice of locations both for start-ups and research posts, and the competition to get and retain the brightest and best somewhat resembles America’s gold rush era as well as relegating Silicon Valley to the also-rans sector.

The Dutch city of Amsterdam was one of the first in Europe to take start-ups and digital nomadism seriously for what they actually are – indication of a future based on futuristic developments happening right now across the tech world. Attraction centred on a good work-life balance, laid-back urban charm and financial assistance as regards taxes and other incentives. The city’s plan worked well, as it’s recently won the title of ‘best European tech city’ for expats. At present, it’s home to no less than 600 international tech firms as well as a thriving start-up environment.

Right now, jobs available in the tech industry represent 11 per cent of the city’s jobs market, with the sector now contributing 13 per cent of Amsterdam’s annual growth of. The growth factor is spurring even more demand for tech professionals in its many fields, with even junior players in this fascinating game having an average of 26 roles to choose between. A huge skills gap across the sector now needs to be filled, giving amazing opportunities for foreign tech professionals keen to get a foothold in the market.

Dutch innovation is well known, and is being used to offer a supportive backup for startups and growing SMEs. Start-up funding and venture capital has tripled since 2016, with a growing network of support aimed at incoming international companies as well as incubators. Salaries for the brightest and best are commensurate with expertise and innovation, and are on average higher for IT professionals than those offered in other major European cities including London and Paris. Amsterdam’s comparatively low cost of living means a monthly outlay of up to 1,500 euros covers essentials including housing, food, transport and insurance.

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