Vietnam now favourite SE Asia expat destination

Vietnam now favourite SE Asia expat destination

Vietnam now favourite SE Asia expat destination

Southeast Asia is now a favourite destination for expats, digital nomads and retirees for its low cost of living, fascinating culture and quality of life.

Out of all the Southeast Asian expatriate destinations, Vietnam is fast becoming the favourite due to its quality of life compared to that of its neighbours. Expats heading for either of its two major cities, its stunning beach resorts or the cooler mountainside towns will find a low cost of living, delicious, healthy food, inexpensive accommodation and a ready-made, friendly expat community. In addition, English is widely spoken as a result of the country’s tragic mid-20th century history.

For expat entrepreneurs, digital nomads, budget travellers and retirees needing a large, supportive expat community in a city setting, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the places to head for. English teaching is a favourite way to earn a living, needing just a bachelors’ degree and a TEFL qualification. Although visa regulations make settling in Vietnam tricky for non-retirees, asking around usually gets results.

For many USA expats who fought in the Vietnamese War, the country is the perfect retirement destination as it provides a chance to give back by helping local people. Recommended income for expats ranges from $700 a month up to around $1,400, with the latter amount giving plenty of room for regular treats such as eating out at top restaurants or taking time out to explore this stunning countryside. For expats on tighter budgets, it helps to remember a well-paid job in Vietnam pays a salary of $500 a month.

For older expats, another of Vietnam’s plus-points is its overall safety for foreigners, give or take the usual visa, taxi and charity scams. Issues to watch out for include rainy season floods in affected areas and the fact that expats are not allowed to purchase land.

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