Where now for potentially expat UK state pensioners after Brexit?

Where now for potentially expat UK state pensioners after Brexit?

Where now for potentially expat UK state pensioners after Brexit?

British expat retirees may find themselves in destinations formerly reserved for Americans.

As the emigration boom continues, expats from Europe and the UK may well find themselves in countries previously thought of as exclusively American stomping grounds, as their usual European haunts may be inaccessible due to the end of free movement. Emigration is the new fad, whether it’s for an affordable lifestyle, an escape from freezing northern European winters, a job with a massive salary or simply a desire to experience other cultures before it’s too late. Nowadays, it’s considered normal to up sticks and disappear into the far horizon, with retirees leading the pack to their personal Shangri La.

In the expat world, favourites come and go as prices either fall or rise, with many formerly popular expat havens now seeming tired, unwelcoming, too expensive or simply politically undesirable. For several decades and even longer, beachside resorts were the to-go-to hubs for those who fancied the good life in a less expensive country. Nowadays, environmental concerns are becoming more important, especially as regards safe foods, and changing weather patterns are guiding would-be expats away from the onset of devastating typhoons and windstorms.

As regards reports on varying destinations, the real world is taking over from the financially-backed advertorials, with the onset of literally thousands of forums and blogs about what it’s really like to retire overseas written by those who’re doing it. Basically, every single world expat destination has its downsides, and it’s any expat’s guess as to when former perfection turns into a nightmare. One recent development in a number of favourite expat hideaways is the increase in the amount of monthly income necessary for a long stay visa – with many expats on less then generous pensions being forced out either by government decree or by simply not being able to afford to stay due to soaring inflation.

There’s also a gap between the amounts paid out as pensions by expats’ home countries with, for example, the USA retirement pension delivering twice as much monthly cash as the UK’s version. These differentials mean USA expats can still easily afford attractive destinations in Latin America and Central America whilst almost all would be unaffordable for UK retirees. It’s possible the average UK state pensioner may find it almost impossible to retire to somewhere warm and welcoming once Brexit is a done deal, as they will no longer have the right to free movement across Europe.

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