Expat retirees now basing lifestyle choices on affordable healthcare

Expat retirees now basing lifestyle choices on affordable healthcare

Expat retirees now basing lifestyle choices on affordable healthcare

Choosing an expat destination for its quality affordable healthcare may sound too practical to be true, but more and more would-be expats are researching online for the least expensive and best quality healthcare available before making the decision of a lifetime.

This choice is essential for aspiring expats living in the USA, as the cost of treatment is probably the highest on the planet, even although the quality is acceptable and up-to-the-minute as regards new ways of tackling almost any illness or accident. Although the UK’s National Health Service is free to resident Brits and, for now, to expats from the EU, its quality and service is now being seriously questioned and compared with what’s on offer in less than first-world destinations.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easy to evaluate healthcare provisions in a large number of favourite expat hideaways. Reduced medical costs combined with ultra-modern equipment and experienced medical professionals are out there, with some in the most surprising places and a few of which top even the USA in technology and treatments. Expatriation is on the rise across the world, spurred by the wish to live a fuller, more comfortable life at less cost and with less turmoil than in the home country.

The millions of Americans, Britons and Europeans who’re now barrelling toward their retirement years all have concerns about future healthcare should they decide to emigrate to a friendlier, less troubled and far cheaper country. The problem, of course, is discovering exactly which country ticks all the boxes as regards a comfortable, affordable retirement. Great healthcare options aren’t found everywhere across the world, but when they’re discovered, elderly expats flock to find out for themselves. France is a favourite for British retirees, and Spain’s healthcare is amongst the best in the world and far, far cheaper than all its rivals. For Americans, Belize is a popular destination, but many cross the Mexican border to get treatment.

Affordable healthcare is also found in Costa Rica, Malaysia and Ecuador, although Thailand’s been taken off the list due to its dual pricing for expats, exorbitant costs for drugs and a fall in general standards. The Thai government is attempting to stop private hospitals from doubling their already high charges annually, but isn’t making much headway to date. Healthcare in Italy, Malta and Portugal is now being mentioned favourably as regards standards and costs in several major surveys. It’s even possible for legally-registered resident expats in quite a few countries to pay into local healthcare schemes, waiving the need for expensive private health insurance, and Panama is another destination with high standards combined with reasonable costs.

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