Travel in style to your new expat life

Travel in style to your new expat life

Travel in style to your new expat life

If you’ve just landed the expat job of a lifetime with a salary to match, why not fund your very own luxury journey to your next home from home.

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences of a lifetime, but it’s magnified massively when your next home is thousands of miles away across several continents. Once you’ve ensured your prized possessions are en route and you’ve prepped for your new position, you’re likely to be totally stressed out and in no condition to deal with airport delays, traffic jams and all the usual hassles of travel. Arriving bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to impress your new boss might be far easier if you treat yourself to a luxury journey.

Travel to an unfamiliar land doesn’t have to just be a stepping stone to your new life, it can be an unforgettable experience aimed at helping you start your new career adventure full of life and enthusiasm. Yes, it’ll take more time and cost money, but those who’ve tried it considered it was cash well spent. If your itinerary allows, the best way is to take a cruise to the nearest port to your new location. Enforced relaxation, great food, sea and sunsets and all the joys of life on the waves don’t have to cost a small fortune as there’s now a good choice of budget cruises as well as the usual luxury outfits.

If seasickness is a major issue, expat professionals heading for that perfect job need to remember private jets aren’t only for the rich and famous. Nowadays, they’re surprisingly affordable to charter, and a good number of apps can help you find your best option as regards price and timing. Another benefit is the lack of endless airport check-in and customs queues, guaranteed to increase your stress levels at a time when they’re already raring to go.

A far cheaper option for shorter distances is to hire a private limo, at least to take you and your piles of luggage to the airport without the worry of finding the car park is what seems like miles from the terminal. Starting the journey of a lifetime to the job of your dreams in a luxurious manner encourages soon-to-be expats to live the dream and make it all come true.

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