Unusual jobs for those desperate to join the expat exodus

Unusual jobs for those desperate to join the expat exodus

Unusual jobs for those desperate to join the expat exodus

Since the turn of the millennium, the numbers of people leaving their home countries to work, study, retire, start a business or simply wander the planet as a digital nomad have soared.

Expat professionals have seen their bank balances swell and their qualities of life change to luxury from liveable, and volunteers have made life more bearable for the underprivileged. But, what about those who can’t wait to get out and have few if any formal qualifications, but still want to be part of the largest exodus since man left Africa? Even if you have work experience and a relevant qualification, finding a suitable job overseas can be tricky due to increased demand and a never-ending supply of would-be expat hopefuls.

Perhaps the best way to go is to choose a job which is so weird no-one else would even consider doing it! Such opportunities do exist and they do pay wages – or at least enough to get a meal and a roof over your head. For example, if you’re a warm-blooded type, becoming a professional bed-warmer might well suit, and hotels in colder climes really do employ humans to snuggle up in special hygienic sleep suits and warm the beds for their guests. If you’ve a degree of patience and don’t mind queues, becoming a professional queuer might be just the job for you. Believe it or not, there are agencies out there specialising in hiring out individuals happy to stand in place for another guy who’s got better things to do.

If you loved waterslides as a kid, how about testing them for a living? You’ll need to rate the slides for the size of the splash and estimate its adrenalin factor whilst simply having fun. You may not know what a ‘cool hunter’ does, but you can earn good money doing it – simply by keeping track of trends and calculating which one is going to be the next big thing. If you’re a social media fan, this job’s for you – monitoring and following brands’ mentions and reputations across worldwide social media platforms,

This next job needs qualifications, but it’s perfect for those who love their pets to bits – being a pet psychologist does require a Ph.D or veterinary qualifications, but you’ll spend your time helping your furry friends. Another pet-linked position is dog-food taster – you’ll be nibbling premium brands in order to check their flavours are balanced correctly. The last weird job involves chips – a chip inspector removes fried potatoes which are badly shaped or overcooked. That’s it – if you’re desperate to see the world, this list should get you at least half-way around!


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