Countries willing to pay expats to move there

Countries willing to pay expats to move there

Countries willing to pay expats to move there

Destinations which will actually pay you to move there may seem like a dream, but they do exist!

Deciding to up sticks and leave the home country is one thing, but it takes a good amount of cash to get it right. Believe it or not, for those who simply can’t wait to be somewhere else there are a few locations across the world which will actually pay you to live there. Some may not be at all tempting, but for adventurous would-be expats, the challenges as well as the savings may well make it all worthwhile.

After a turbulent period during the 70s and 80s, Chile has now settled down and created its very own hub for startups. The government now offers expat entrepreneurs from anywhere on the planet $50,000 to start a business. In Chile, taxes are low, living costs are minimal and the country welcomes those whose ideas are considered to have a good chance of success. Some thousand-plus businesses have started due to this scheme, and more are in the pipeline.

For a totally different expat experience, the tiny, ancient Spanish village of Ponga is the place to be, especially when the Spanish government has financed your move with a grant of 3,000 euros. The reason is to repopulate the village, home to only 800 residents at present, with less than 50 younger than 18 years old. Young couples are wanted and, if they have children they’ll get another 3,000 for each child. The only catch is that newcomers must stay for at least five years.

The picturesque little Italian town of Candela is a now a ghost of its former self, with less than 2,700 residents against its previous population of around 8,000. In desperation, the town’s mayor is offering 800 euros for single people and over 2,000 euros for couples with families, but the catch is that those accepting the offer must find a job paying 7,500 euros a year. Another opportunity to be paid to move exists in Alaska, although expats allergic to freezing cold and darkness need not apply. How much cash incomers will receive varies year by year, but averages at least $800. Those who take up the offer must have lived in Alaska for at least one year, spending 190 days there every year for the duration of their stay.

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