Taking time to find your dream career in the Netherlands

Taking time to find your dream career in the Netherlands

Taking time to find your dream career in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a hotspot for expat career junkies, but how do you make the most of the experience?

Living and working in the Netherlands is rewarding as regards salaries, tax breaks and other perks, but tricky as regards immigration barriers, the Dutch language and integrating into the unfamiliar culture. However, it’s entirely possible to have a remunerative and even enjoyable career progression by taking the process step by step and adjusting in your own time.

Defining your realistic career goals is the first step, especially if you arrive without a job and hope against hope to find a suitable position within a week or so. Dream jobs approached in this manner are likely to remain dreams rather than morphing into real jobs! Asking yourself where you want to be career-wise in five or ten years is a good start, especially if you intend to stay in the Netherlands. Self-examination as to your weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities analyses your goal strategy and gives a clear direction for your next move – actually finding a job.

It’s important to find your purpose in life, as this is will give you a unique identity as a job-seeker as well as the energy to keep searching for the perfect fit for your talents. Taking on an internship or volunteering can be useful for those who’re still confused over their exact path in life, as can finding a mentor or lifestyle coach. Exploring unconventional career choices can lead to incredible success, and asking those whose success is obvious for hints and advice can open up new fields of exploration.

Once you’re certain about your purpose in life, it’s time to investigate concrete career options matching your goals, values and strengths. Be solid about your skill set, research any jobs which seem interesting and list those worth a second look. Once you’ve a list, narrow it down by the pros and cons of each as an aid to making a final decision. This way, your personal motivation as regards a career will become clear and you’ll be able to give everything which demonstrates you’re the right fit for the perfect job in the Netherlands.

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