Is Greece the answer to the Brexit blues?

Is Greece the answer to the Brexit blues?

Is Greece the answer to the Brexit blues?

Greece may not be as popular as other better-known expatriate destinations, but its low cost of living, safe environment and ultra-friendly people make it the perfect place to call home.

The ancient land of Greece has largely put its financial troubles behind it, and is now recovering well, making it a suitable destination for expat retirees looking for great weather, a genuine welcome and an affordable lifestyle. Unfortunately, due to the comparatively low numbers of expatriates, there’s not much being said about post-Brexit freedoms, but it’s likely the Greek government will wish to continue welcoming new arrivals.

If you’re lucky enough to get a job with a decent expat contract, your standard of living will be high by Greek standards and, if you’re in retirement, your pension will stretch further than in the majority of other European expat hubs. Greece is a safe country, with little violent crime, and genuinely welcomes newcomers to its laid-back lifestyle. Obviously, Athens is more expensive than the rest of the country, but it’s still possible to live well on a reasonable salary or pension.

Arriving without a job in the hope that the perfect position will materialise isn’t as scary as it sounds, as the tourist industry is one of Greece’s economic mainstays and always needs expatriate workers. Hotel management, teaching English, tech jobs and becoming a tour guide are all positions open to new arrivals. Business start-ups, especially in tourism areas, can also be successful. It helps to have at least a basic knowledge of the Greek language, but English is now spoken far more widely than in previous decades. In addition, an increasing number of multinationals are opening offices in Athens and are happy to employ experienced expatriates.

The one downside is the Greek healthcare system, seen as perhaps the worst in Europe. Expats aren’t able to access government-sponsored healthcare, making private health insurance essential. The weather is attractive to retirees, with long, hot summers morphing into cool, occasionally damp winters, with snowfalls more common in the mainland’s northern, more mountainous regions. All told, Greece is an up-and-coming destination for expats who’ve had enough of politics and division, and who just want to get on with living a comfortable, affordable life in stunning surroundings.

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