Planning your relocation to suit your preferences

Planning your relocation to suit your preferences

Planning your relocation to suit your preferences

In general, Europe is the most comfortable location for would-be career-mined expatriates, due to its high standards of living and almost-familiar cultures.

Although visa requirements for emigration or relocation to European countries will be tougher post-Brexit, the continent isn’t likely to lose its popularity with would-be expats looking for new jobs and new lives. Recruitment companies will have more hassles dealing with work visas, but expat professionals can be sure there’s a limit to the exotic nature of the majority of European destinations, as well as a reassuringly similar lifestyle. European guarantees of workers rights will still apply, and healthcare and schooling will be up to at least a reasonable standard.

After it leaves the EU, it’s as yet uncertain as to whether Britain will still be part of the Schengen agreement with its easy application and free movement around its participating countries for a period of 90 days, long enough to find accommodation and a job if you’ve not been headhunted. Planning ahead is needed as regards getting your visa or requesting it on arrival. Although English is widely spoken as a second language across Europe, there are a few places where it’s wise for newcomers to at least brush up on the basics, especially as job vacancies can depend on your linguistic ability unless your dream is to teach English!

Europe is a diverse continent, with a variety of choices including cosmopolitan cities, charmingly remote villages and everything in between. Local lifestyles vary as regards culture, day-to-day life, the friendliness of locals and the cost of living. Discovering your preferences before you make the move is, obviously, the best idea, as is checking the availability and cost of a reliable internet service, even if it’s only for keeping in regular contact with your friends and family back home.

The pace of life in your chosen destination is another important consideration, with night owls more than happy in Mediterranean regions where no-one eats their evening meal before 9 p.m and siestas are the norm. Weather is another important aspect of expat life, with those allergic to cold advised not to seek jobs in Scandinavia! This may sound obvious, but the weather can ruin an otherwise successful relocation. If you’re planning a tech start-up, the Netherlands and Estonia are the hot destinations at present, with Germany coming up fast.

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