What to expect from your company on reassignment

What to expect from your company on reassignment

What to expect from your company on reassignment

What should you expect from your company when reassignment overseas is on the cards?

Generally speaking, reassignment to one of your present employer’s overseas offices should be the easy way to avoid most of the hassles of becoming an expat. You’ll already have an idea of the salary involved with the posting, the level of support available from your company and the reimbursements available, but there’s more to relocation than money and convenience. You’ll need clarification on a good number of other issues, and it’s best to sort these out and get a ruling before you leave.

In the early stages of discussion, you should expect a comprehensive, written framework of what you and your family if applicable should receive as part of the posting in general as well as before it begins and after it ends, including the possibility of a pre-assignment visit. A checklist of all actions necessary should be provided, especially as regards visas and the immigration process and its timeline, as well as a clear description of the responsibilities and rules governing your new job. In addition, your employer should take care of the logistics of the initial move, assist with finding suitable accommodation and advise about children’s education options.

Arrival and setting up in your new country of residence can be made far easier with help from your employer on issues such as adjusting to the new environment and familiarisation with the locale including gyms, doctors’ surgeries, supermarkets and suchlike. Help with setting up utilities such as electricity, internet, bank accounts and local authority registration needs at the very least an interpreter unless you’re familiar with the local lingo. It’s in your employer’s interest to ensure your arrival isn’t stressful and likely to affect your performance as a result.

One potential problem is that your partner and children, if any, may be finding adjustment more difficult than you are, with help from your employer often necessary to avoid real problems within the relationship. Often, trailing spouses have put their own careers on hold, reverting to housework and childcare as well as being unable to get out and find a circle of like-minded female friends. For those in long-term reassignments, it’s essential to make certain your relationship stays stable by whatever means necessary, including assistance from your company.

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