Expats urged to fill 150,000 vacant jobs in France

Expats urged to fill 150,000 vacant jobs in France

Expats urged to fill 150,000 vacant jobs in France

For professionals desperate to leave the UK before March next year, France has more than 150,000 vacant positions.

In spite of an unemployment rate of 8.7 per cent, France now has over 150,000 vacant jobs. According to the Employment Minister’s office, the top levels of vacant positions are in the specialised technical and scientific sectors, IT and communication sectors, health and social work sectors and the arts, leisure and performance sector. The insurance and financial sector also has a good number of vacancies for experienced professionals in this crucial field.

In addition, help is needed in restaurants and the hospitality trade, the commercial sector in general needs new workers and the manufacturing sector would welcome researchers, computer development experts and engineers. The most difficult workers to recruit are dentists, electrical designers, airplane navigators, carpenters and car mechanics. One major problem is, of course, that the majority of these jobs require either a good command or fluency in the French language.

Should any of the above job descriptions tempt would-be expats to apply, they’ll need to come to terms with labour laws in the country, especially as everything will change for UK expats from March next year. At present, temporary work and residence permits would be suitable, as they’re issued to foreign employees on contracts lasting over one year for the residence permits and less than a year for the temporary permits. The potential employer is stuck with carrying out the formalities, and must prove he or she can’t get a French person to do the job.

Another way in is the Skills and Talent work permit, issued to non-EU nationals – including Brits once Brexit is finalised – working in a specific project. It’s a combined residence permit, visa and work permit valid for up to four years and is of particular interest to entrepreneurs. There’s also a special permit for academics and seasonal workers, valid for three years but only allowing a maximum of six months’ work in each year. Academics with Masters’ degrees who wish to teach or do research must have an invitation from an accredited educational or research institute, but those on the visa can’t take up any paid work outside their research or teaching duties.

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