Brit expat havens across the world

Brit expat havens across the world

Brit expat havens across the world

For Brits yearning to live anywhere but in the UK, there’s a good choice of locations.

Moving overseas isn’t an easy decision but, as the cost of living soars and the notorious British weather gets even more unpredictable, a place in the sun seems irresistible. Some 5.5 million Britons are living permanently overseas, with several million ensconced in Europe’s Mediterranean states. Whilst Brexit could prove more than problematic, very few are choosing to return to the UK, and optimistic would-be expats are still planning their escape from the UK.

Spain’s excellent climate, great food and established British community makes it the number one ultimate retirement destination for the largest number of Brits in European countries. Portugal is now increasingly popular for its combination of good beaches, great weather, delicious food and friendly nationals, and its established expat enclaves are happy to welcome newcomers. Italy is a lesser-known destination, and Greece with its islands and quaint coastal towns and villages is recovering from its economic crisis and welcoming long-stayers.

Set on the opposite side of the world, Japan isn’t the first place which comes to mind as an expat haven, but is affordable provided its major cities are avoided. Its fascinating culture and history is alive and well, although you’ll need to tick quite a few boxes to be allowed to stay more than six months at a time. For sheer luxury, Dubai is the place for well-heeled expat professionals, although its archaic laws may be too much to swallow for some. For expats with good jobs, it’s a tax-free haven, although most working professionals only stay for around five years.

Singapore’s lifestyle is spectacular but expensive and its expat community is hospitable and helpful. It’s ranked as one of the world’s most welcoming cities, but you’ll need a high salary to take advantage of its many delights. Recent surveys seem to indicate Asia is becoming the next must-see destination for Western expatriates, with a choice of developing countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia offering a wide choice of lifestyles and cultures to explore.

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