Advice on leaving the Netherlands

Advice on leaving the Netherlands

Advice on leaving the Netherlands

If you’re an expat who's relocating from the Netherlands, you’ll need to make sure everything you’ve taken on is shut down in good time

If leaving the country means leaving your job, you’ll need to give notice according to contractual rules. The normal notice period is a month, although some employers specify longer, with checking your contract giving the exact period required. Gas, electric and water suppliers require at least two weeks’ notice for withdrawal of their services, provided by either email or telephone. You’ll receive a form which should be filled in and returned and you’ll be informed of the amount payable before you leave. Your landlord may be able to deal with utilities suppliers for you if necessary.

Cancelling your internet and TV subscription involves simply contacting your supplier with your leave date, but it’s best done well in advance as the majority of contracts have a 30-day notice period. You’ll need a letter of confirmation detailing the date of cancellation of your subscription. Similarly, your mobile phone and landline contracts must be cancelled, with a month’s notice usually required. If you’ve a two-year contract including a mobile device, the provider should be informed three months before you leave.

Ending your rental contract needs to be done at least a month in advance, usually in writing and, if you initially agreed to a term rental, you may need to pay a penalty. The property will be inspected before you leave, and provided there are no problems you can expect your deposit to be returned. Other cancellations you’ll need to make are your health insurance allowances and any benefits you’re receiving, and an arrangement with PostNL to forward your mail to your new address can be made.

It’s important to deregister from your municipality as well as from ant insurance and tax liabilities as you’ll likely be charged if you don’t. Request an Extract 60 document proving your deregistration, as it might be useful for proving you’ve left to utility companies and suchlike. Telling your Dutch bank you’re leaving the country is necessary, even if you wish to keep on your account for a while. Advising them of your change of address is crucial, but you may have restrictions put on your current account as a result, making closing it the best idea.

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