Spain still top dog for Brits in retirement

Spain still top dog for Brits in retirement

Spain still top dog for Brits in retirement

In spite of the Brexit threat, Spain is still the favourite retirement destination for Britons.

Figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics confirm what British expat retirees have always known – Spain is the preferred choice for British pensioners looking for a new life in Europe.

Reasons given include the obvious such as sun, sea, leisure facilities and the healthy Mediterranean diet, with the unspoken truth nowadays being that most can’t wait to get out before Brexit brings the country to its knees. Of the three-quarters of a million British citizens living in EU member states, 37 per cent are domiciled in Spain, with a total of around 293,500 estimated to be living in the country. The actual numbers may be higher as not all British arrivals bother to register with their local authority, and 41 per cent of the given total are over the age of 65.

A recent survey conducted by the USA’s Pittsburgh, California and Nevada Universities revealed elderly people who take regular exercise have 50 per cent less cognitive impairment than less active retirees, giving yet another reason to pick Spain with its golf, swimming and other leisure activities. In addition, for those unlucky enough to suffer less than perfect health in retirement, Spain’s healthcare services are high quality and free at point of delivery due to a reciprocal EU-inspired agreement between member states.

However, the post-Brexit fate of the lifeline EU health card isn’t yet known and its continuation certainly isn’t guaranteed to date. Another important plus point is the availability at reasonable prices of suitable accommodation for British senior citizens. Whether renting or buying a home in Spain, prices are still at bargain level, especially when compared with London and other major British cities.

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