What?s so different about Australia

What?s so different about Australia

What?s so different about Australia

For several generations of British citizens looking to expand their experience of the world, Australia has been a favourite expatriate destination.

Possibly, the two main reasons why Oz is perennially popular with UK expats are its weather and the use of something closely resembling the English language. The outdoor life is another draw and, for both retirees and young entrepreneurs, Australia still puts out the welcome mat. According to many now well-settled expats, the country is still young and is growing fast.

Friendliness is high on most would-be expats’ must-have lists, with Australians generally a friendly lot, but really getting to know them is a slightly different story. Breaking into established groups can be harder than expected, due to the need to first break the ‘community barrier’. Breaking out from the overseas community in your chosen area is a must if you’re going to integrate successfully into Aussie life, and joining in the mandatory hugs on greeting is totally necessary if very un-British. I

nformality is the norm in Australia, seen in the fact that, should you forget a new acquaintance’s name, calling him or her ‘mate’ is the thing to do. In the workplace, a more relaxed attitude avoids stress, and flexible arrangements as regards working hours might take a while to get used to but give far more personal freedom as long as the job gets done. After-work socialising is normal, owes a lot to beer and takes place in the nearest bar or pub, but the evening ends early by Western standards.

Eating out isn’t an entire evening’s occupation, and Australians seem to eat faster than their European counterparts. Australians tend to get up early, go for a run or other exercise and eat a light breakfast before going to the office. It’s a very different lifestyle, due mostly to the weather. Strangely, smoking isn’t considered a crime, but addicts are expected to behave as regards when and where they light up. In general, Aussies are environmentally conscious, don’t throw litter everywhere and appreciate the country’s spectacular beauty.

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