Practical tasks for expats relocating from the Netherlands

Practical tasks for expats relocating from the Netherlands

Practical tasks for expats relocating from the Netherlands

If you’re relocating from the Netherlands for personal reasons or have accepted a job in another country, there’s a long list of must-do’s before you leave.

For expats relocating due to a decision by an employer, the company should be able to take charge of many of the boring everyday tasks necessary to make the move straightforward. For example, arranging safe packaging and transportation for household good and paying the bill, as well as dealing with the local taxman gives more time for expats to attend to the rest of the list. Planning is essential, and can take longer that you expect.

One of the most tedious pre-relocation tasks is cancelling contracts with internet and phone service providers, electricity companies, TV service providers, gas and water companies and insurers for healthcare, car and house. Gym memberships and suchlike also need to be officially cancelled. Relocators should remember to make it very clear that services shouldn’t be disconnected until departure day, as well as to advise suppliers where to send final bills. Once that’s done, contacting your doctor and dentist to let them know you’ll be off their list is next, along with cancelling or advising a new address for any magazine subscriptions.

A visit to the bank to inform them of plans for existing accounts is safer than just a phone call, and you’ll need to stress the cancellation must come after all due bills have been paid. Informing your landlord you’re leaving is obvious, along with de-registering as a resident or, if there's a house involved, letting your mortgage provider know the immediate plans for your property. Cancelling your Dutch car registration saves you being followed around the world by speeding fines and parking tickets.

Most importantly, if you’re taking your pets with you, arranging their collection, safe transportation, required vaccinations for your new country and customs clearance paperwork is time-consuming but essential. Pet transportation nowadays is big business with very little likely to go wrong. Finally, make sure you leave when you’re supposed to as, once you’ve deregistered, you’re down as having already left!

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