Living like a local on expat assignment in Singapore

Living like a local on expat assignment in Singapore

Living like a local on expat assignment in Singapore

As Singapore attracts ever more expat professionals to its clean, orderly ambience and vibrant economy, many are adjusting happily to their new lives without being forced to spend all their salaries.

On the face of it, new expat arrivals from other first world countries may have a hard time coming to terms with the high cost of living in the island-state, but common sense tends to prevail after the settling-in process is over. Learning the basics as regards spending wisely makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of life in this exotic location.

If you’re opening a Singaporean bank account and need a credit card to smooth out monthly expenses, you might find useful benefits accrue simply by choosing the right card for your needs. Some banks have tie-ups with stores, meaning card holders can receive discounts on purchases, and fuel surcharges don’t apply when you pay by card. Reward points, cash-back offers and zero per cent APR deals all add up to saving money.

Using capital to buy a home in Singapore depletes resources which might be needed later, and rentals here can be very reasonable, especially if you choose a suburban apartment managed by the Housing Development Board. Singapore’s public transport network is inexpensive, efficient and covers the entire island, but new cars are horrendously expensive as well as subject to extra charges and various restrictions. Another way to keep control of your finances is to avoid eating out in expensive restaurants simply because you don’t feel up to cooking.

Clothes are admittedly expensive in Singapore, but shopping online is a very different story as there’s a great choice of good quality clothing at much lower prices including free shipping. If you’ve children, you should remember the city-state’s education system is one of the best in Asia and perhaps in the world. There’s no need to send your kids to an international school as they’ll get an excellent education at a local public or private school. In the end, getting the best out of your relocation to Singapore means living like a local and loving every minute of the experience.

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