Japan as a destination for expat professionals

Japan as a destination for expat professionals

Japan as a destination for expat professionals

Japan is one of the world’s most fascinating yet impenetrable countries, with its overall culture still based on its unique history over the past thousand years.

The contrast between innovative ultra-modernity and Japan’s unique history over the past thousand years is a mix not found anywhere else on the planet. It’s a ‘love it or hate it’ destination, with those who’ve fallen in love with it drawn back time and time again. Living the expat life in Japan is a contrast between total frustration and wonderment at the heritage and culture of this amazing land.

To even attempt to understand the Japanese psyche, you’d need to study every turn and twist of its unique history and how it relates to the present. Around two million expats are living in Japan, three quarters of whom are from Asian countries. Westerners often find the cultural gap tricky to breach, but the Japanese people are happy with Western cultures and trends as well as those who display them. The language is difficult, but English is spoken in most big cities, especially in medical facilities.

International schools are popular and there’s a good choice, and healthcare is on par with most Westernised countries.Japan is considered as one the world’s most expensive countries and, to some extent, this is true as regards upmarket hotels, restaurants and other such venues, However, for everyday necessities as well as delicious meals out in local eateries, it’s surprisingly affordable. The clue to living well in Tokyo, Osaka and other mega-cities is living as do the local people, using local markets for shopping and back street restaurants for evenings out.

Generally speaking, the housing market in Japan is still one of the world’s most expensive, and apartments are small and set in built-up areas. If you can find them, traditional apartments in the Japanese style can be far less expensive to rent than their Western-style equivalents. Japan’s climate is seasonal, with cold winters, warm, lush springs, surprisingly hot summers and cooler autumns with occasional typhoons.

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