How to get an Indonesian retirement visa

How to get an Indonesian retirement visa

How to get an Indonesian retirement visa

One of the trickiest tasks when deciding on the perfect overseas retirement haven is finding a suitable destination with visa requirements matching your financial status.

Indonesia is a recent entry in the long list of countries worldwide considered suitable for expat retirees. It’s a fascinating mix of cultures spread across an archipelago of over 1800 islands, 6000 of which are inhabited. Indonesians are mostly Muslim and embrace a huge number of ethnicities including the Javanese and Indonesian Chinese who make up the bulk of the population. Its best known expat destination is Bali, beloved by the younger generation and possibly too wild for the average expat retiree!

The most important task once you’ve decided on the best place for your retirement is getting the right long-stay visa. The Indonesian retirement visa can be had by those over 55 years of age and fully retired, as working whilst on this visa is forbidden. Strangely, another stipulation is that you must hire a housemaid. The law states retirees must have an annual income of at least $18,000, sourced from investments or a pension and proven to the satisfaction of the local immigration office.

The best way to get your visa is by selecting a reputable visa agent to guide you through the process and handle the immigration officers themselves. Providing every single required document is essential here, more so than in several other Southeast Asian countries. Once you’ve received approval, a telex confirmation will be sent, and you can head off to the nearest Indonesian Embassy after you’ve got six passport-size photos and letters from your sponsor.

Singapore has the best agents, able to handle the process from start to completion in a single day once your visa has been approved. Your Indonesian agent can help you with this. On your return, your agent will convert your visa to a KITAS, giving you a one year stay as a retired person with the option of renewal for a further four years. Subsequently, you can then apply for a permanent stay permit.

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