Tips on finding a property bargain in France

Tips on finding a property bargain in France

Tips on finding a property bargain in France

For would-be UK expats still willing to chance moving to France in spite of Brexit, property bargains can be had in several regions.

Property prices in France are now overcoming a period of stagnation and are on the rise, but the ever popular British expat destination still gives incredible bargains in less than well-known locations including rural areas. For Britons longing for a quieter, more laid-back life, France has always been a tempting alternative to Spain’s crowded Costas for its delightful rural towns and villages.

For example, the Limousin region boasts stunning green forests, rolling hills and unspoiled countryside as well as a selection of the least expensive property in the country. The average price for a habitable home in Creuse is just €63,000. Limousin is home to around 7,000 British expats, many of whom draw a comparison with Devon as regards the lush, green countryside crossed by meandering little streams and larger rivers.

France’s warmer southern regions such as Languedoc-Roussillon on the Mediterranean coast are home to small expat communities living and loving the southern French lifestyle. Acres of vineyards, historic towns and winding roads leading to the coastal resorts attract not only the wealthy but also those with more limited means who’ve found properties within their price range. For skiing enthusiasts, properties in the smaller, less well-known ski resorts are far cheaper than their Alpine equivalents and have year-round rental potential.

Summer sunshine, sea, surf and significantly smaller price tags on properties can be had along the Atlantic coastline, with a house in Charente-Maritime priced at around €165,000 or even cheaper if it’s an hour or so’s drive from the coast. Normandy, Brittany and the Dordogne are all-time favourites with British expats and are three of the least expensive regions in France for property purchase. Smaller holiday homes can be had for as little as €50,000, and can usually be extended for permanent residence on retirement.

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