New Zealand welcomes back its expats

New Zealand welcomes back its expats

New Zealand welcomes back its expats

Kiwi expats are now returning to the country of their birth in droves, followed by Australians deserting the waning Oz economy.

Decades ago, as expats from the UK and other Western countries were arriving in large numbers, New Zealand nationals were upping sticks and leaving to find their fortunes in Australia. Over the last several years, the trend has been reversing itself due to New Zealand’s impressive development and newly-found confidence as a nation. For the last few years, immigration to New Zealand from across the world has been soaring again, and its own people are now coming back in ever-increasing numbers.

At present, over half a million New Zealanders are living and working in Australia, drawn to the continent by its economic growth. Nowadays, Oz’s fortunes are in decline and its cost of living continues to increase, causing the pendulum to swing the other way for many Kiwis. It’s not just those returning home who’re changing their minds about where to live, as Australians themselves are migrating south across the Tasman Sea in ever–increasing numbers.

Since 2006, New Zealand has been working on pragmatic reform based on political stability, with the result a huge decrease in unemployment. According to economist Philip Borkin, its labour market participation is at a record high, with the number of highly skilled returnees expected to boost the country’s development even more. Another factor in many New Zealanders’ decision to return home is Australia’s unpopular restrictions on access to higher education and government benefits including Medicare for Kiwi immigrants.

Another attraction for Australians emigrating to New Zealand is that they’re allowed access to all services available to New Zealand citizens. The tax system has undergone reform and education is set at a higher standard than Australia’s present system. Income tax rates have been cut, and the country is rated in a recent expat survey as the 10th best in the world for lifestyle and work-related issues, whilst Australia’s rating has fallen to 34th.

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