Finding all you need to know on Russian social media

Finding all you need to know on Russian social media

Finding all you need to know on Russian social media

Although Russia isn’t at the top of the list of preferred expat destinations, for those who’ve made it their home there are plenty of ways to enjoy life.

Settling down in Russia as a first-time expat can be a daunting challenge, but the internet can be a huge help by introducing new arrivals to the country’s very own expat social media networks. Although Facebook and Instagram are globally popular, Russians prefer to use Vkontakte – VK for short. The format resembles Facebook, with users able to manage their own profiles as well as add and search for friends and upload videos and photos.

For expats, VK’s range of online communities is a life-saver, especially for new arrivals. Literally millions of diverse online groups are found here, with a good number especially useful for beating out the confusing practicalities of Russian life. Learning Russian with Russians makes getting to grips with the language perfectly possible, whilst at the same time you’re helping a Russian learn English. It’s a very active group, with daily requests for language exchange.

Another useful group gives a full list of interesting free events in Moscow, with a wide-ranging choice of activities and social events. The Russian Travel site is a mine of information on where to go, when to go and what you’ll see when you get there. Administrators post videos, pictures and fact sheets on fascinating destinations all across the huge country.

If your Russian reading skills are beginning to improve, a visit to RT in Russian will test them out. The site is the Russian language version of an international news site and includes current events as well as helping expats get to grips with a slightly different perspective on world news. If you’re into sports, fitness, dance and other such activities, there’s a site giving plenty of information on all activities as well as info on free as well as paid sporting events across the capital. All in all, VK’s group pages are the answer to finding new friends and getting to know this fascinating country.

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