US immigration fraud peaks as reform drags on

US immigration fraud peaks as reform drags on

US immigration fraud peaks as reform drags on

Scam artists in the US are preying on the vulnerable in ever-increasing numbers as immigration reform creaks its way through the democratic process.

When reform is in the offing but taking far longer than its supporters hoped, scam artists multiply to take advantage of scared people trying to avoid deportation until the reforms are voted into law. The scam itself is the promise of green cards, and its operators know full well their clients don’t qualify.

One Indian tech specialist, Karan, came to the USA via sponsorship by the tech firm which had offered him a job. When he arrived, he found the company had folded, invalidating his visa.

A few years into his illegal stay, a friend recommended a lawyer who could get him the necessary papers. A work permit and green card were promised at a coast of $20,000, with the amount requested reassuring the desperate illegal of his lawyer’s good intentions.

In fact, the lawyer’s clients were being illegally employed by his shell companies and, when the scam was revealed, the deportation proceedings began. A new attorney got Karan a temporary reprieve, but his wife is now being threatened with deportation.

According to the American Lawyers Association, scam artists target immigrants with high hopes and low knowledge about the process. The association is urging scam victims to report full details to them, as the information will help others in the same position by identifying targets.

An association spokesperson says victims are mainly frightened illegals with nightmares about being imprisoned or deported. The authorities finally caught up with Karan’s scammer, but only after he’d defrauded over 25,000 immigrants.

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