Young Irish unemployed told by government to emigrate

Young Irish unemployed told by government to emigrate

Young Irish unemployed told by government to emigrate

The Irish government is being seen as giving up on the country’s youth after its Welfare department send letters to thousands suggesting they leave the country and find work elsewhere.

Whilst many social commentators and media outlets are expressing concern over the number of young professionals leaving Ireland, welfare officials have been sending letters to 4,000 unemployed young people telling them to emigrate if they want jobs. Suggested destinations include Norway, France, Spain and the UK.

According to Social Protection Minister Joan Burton, her department is simply offering a solution to the high number of young people on the dole and unable to find work. The practice was branded disgraceful by members of the Fianna Fail political party, which is accusing the government of giving up on Irish youth.

In defence of the policy, Burton said that its critics should note there is no obligation on jobseekers drawing income support to apply for jobs overseas. She added that, by notifying the unemployed of vacancies abroad, the department is simply bringing the possibility of jobs elsewhere to their attention.

Lists of trades and professions in other countries needing staff include English teaching, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, sales assistants and general hospitality trade positions, she said, although she could not confirm haw many jobseekers had used the service successfully. If we did not inform people of existing vacancies, she added, we would be failing in our duty.

Her counterpart spokesperson in Fianna Fail, Willie O’Dea, told reporters that her support of the scheme was a damning indictment of the present government’s policy, adding that its only solution to the unemployment crisis is to tell young people to leave. He condemned the slashing of income support for the young unemployed, and called its attempts to implement labour activation measures a miserable failure.

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