Australia plans to admit 190000 immigrants in 2013

Australia plans to admit 190000 immigrants in 2013

Australia plans to admit 190000 immigrants in 2013

Australia’s Federal Budget, announced last Monday, saw no change in expected immigration numbers at 190,000 for the year 2013/2014, the same number as in the previous year.

Prospective skilled migrants will welcome the news, as the rumours that the category would be cut down have proved unfounded. In recent months, negative comments from the government, especially over the controversial Subclass 457 temporary visa, have caused concern to many planning to apply.

The announced figure of 190,000 will be comprised of 128,000 skilled migrant visas, 60,885 for family migration and a further 565 special eligibility visas. Subclasses in the skilled migrant scheme will include General Skilled Migration, the Employer Nomination Scheme, the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Employer Sponsored visas and Business Skills visas.

Priority is being given to the skilled migrant category linked with employer sponsorship and the regionally-focused skilled migrant scheme. According to immigration minister Brendan O’Connor, the skilled migrant schemes are essential for Australia’s economic development and society as they fill specific skills gaps in all regions.

The family stream now has 700 more places for parent, child, partner and other family visas, and has been increased due to growing demand for partner visas.The government stated its commitment to family reunification and its benefits in the country’s increasingly multi-cultural demographics, and hopes to be able to reduce the presently extended waiting period to a more reasonable timescale.

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