Young Canadian workers seek global jobs

Posted on 27 Jun at 9 AM in Canada Working Abroad
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Young Canadian workers seek global jobs

Young Canadian workers seek global jobs

The outcome from a new study carried out by ICMA International reveals that young Canadian workers wish to work overseas and are seeking jobs offering them international career opportunities.

When Canadians under age 39 seek out an employer, 168% consider global and international career opportunities as key factors. Others, 36%, consider career progression opportunities; 18% consider training, and 12% consider a good balance between work and life as vital criteria for being an attractive employer.

On the flipside, the country’s older workforce (aged 39 and over) admit to feeling more concerned with the quality of services and products, with 23% calling this a top priority. Benefits and competitive salary were the main criteria for 16% of respondents, while 12% were concerned with a nice work atmosphere. Location convenience was the main issue for 9% of respondents.

Executive Vice President of Marketing for Randstad Canada, Stacy Parker, called the results fascinating, saying that the responses explained the core truths about staff desires and needs. Parker said that organizations and managers which prioritize the things most desired by employees and prospective staff will surely surpass those which do not. If they wish to attract and keep top talent, it is vital for businesses to tackle and resolve the roots of detachment among the workforce, she adds.

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