Points Systems And Visa Application In Australia

Points Systems And Visa Application In Australia
Emigrants applying for a Skilled Migration Visa must pass a points system test to complete the application process. The Australian government currently uses the New Skilled Points Test, which was implemented in July 2011 to replace the old system. Both systems use the points system, but there is still a difference with regards to points needed and ways to get them.

The reason why Australia uses such a strict migration test is to find the best possible benefit for Australia's economy. The country relies heavily on immigration to supply the large demand of skilled labour. Therefore, this test is the most productive way the country can find suitable skilled migrants to work in the ever-expanding trade and professional industries.

Altogether, visa applicants must make a total of 65 points before they can pass the test. However, unlike the old testing system, applicants cannot get any points for a specific vocation, even though they still need to identify their job of choice on the Skilled Occupation List. Applicants also need to have their skills assessed through the testing process too.

There are several different visas that require this points testing system. These include –
- Skilled Regional Sponsored (Subclass 475)
- Skilled Independent (Subclass 175)
- Skilled Sponsored (Subclass 176)
- Skilled Sponsored (Subclass 886)
- Skilled Independent (Subclass 885)
- Skilled Regional Sponsored (Subclass 487)

To initially be eligible for one of the above visas, applicants must be under 50 years old when applying for the visa. If emigrants turn 50 after the visa process has begun, the application will still be valid. In addition, applicants must have a basic grasp of the English language, showing competency in the country's main language. They must also be able to nominate from one of the skilled vocations highlighted in the Skilled Occupation List. Finally, applicants must be able to show evidence of work experience or a completed Australian study course.

There are a number of categories from which applicants can receive points. Some of these include age, English language ability, qualifications, Australian study requirements, and professional year. The category that gives the most points within the test is age, where those applicants between the ages of 25 and 32 receive 30 points. Superior English provides applicants with 20 points, and a Doctorate also gives applicants 20 points. Applicants can also use a combination of overseas and Australian work experience, but only to a maximum of 20 points. The test does certainly focus upon the English levels of the immigrant, worker age groups, higher qualifications and an emphasis on skills experience.