Permanent Residence In Australia

Permanent Residence In Australia
A permanent resident is someone who lives in Australia for a long period of time under a permanent residency visa, but is not a citizen of the country. For emigrants, this is the closest they will come to being a fully-fledged Australian without being an actual citizen. Many people who move to, live and work in Australia for many years procure a permanent residency visa. Many convenient benefits are attached for permanent residents.

Emigrants who hold a residency status visa are able to stay in Australia without having to worry about a visa expiration date. When a permanent residency visa is given to the successful applicant, a five year visa comes with it. However, this is merely part of the process, and doesn't change the meaning of 'permanent' to just five years. During the initial five years, a holder of the permanent residency visa can enter and leave the country whenever they like using this status.

When the five-year visa expires, holders do not have to apply again for another. Instead, they can continue working and living within the country as per before. However, if the permanent resident wishes to leave Australia for an amount of time, they have to get a Resident Return visa. This is not overly difficult, but holders must be aware that staying outside Australia for an extended period of time may result in the immigration department expiring the permanent residency visa.

The most common initial visa that permanent residents obtain as they enter Australia is a working visa, provided through the Genera Skilled Migration program. This aims to bring talented labourers and workers into Australia to work in the trade sector. Last year alone, more than 170,000 GSM visas were granted. While workers are living in Australia under this GSM visa, they can apply for a permanent visa after fulfilling requirements, such as a two-year work experience under this status.

There are numerous reasons why people want to gain permanent residency. Of course, there is always the security that comes with a visa of this type. In addition, holders are eligible to obtain free or subsidised health services and education. Also, even though they cannot vote in federal elections, some states allow permanent residents from Commonwealth countries to vote in both local and state-wide elections. Children who are born within Australia to permanent resident parents are entitled to automatic citizenship too. Eventually, permanent residents are able to apply to become an Australia citizen. This can take some time to process, so applicants need to be patient.

There are significant costs involved in procuring a permanent residency visa. For an individual migration emigrant, it will cost them about $3,000. However, a permanent business person migration visa will set individuals back about $5,700. Parent permanent visas are possible to obtain, as are permanent spousal visas, which both cost about $2,000.