Business And Long Stay Visas In Australia

Business And Long Stay Visas In Australia
Business people looking to settle in Australia have several options regarding business and long stay visas. The only options for emigrants wanting to stay for a long period in Australia are business visas and General Skilled Migration visas. Both visas take a few months to process, so applicants need to make sure to submit their applications well in advance of any deadlines.

There are short and long term business visas available for working in Australia. The short term business visa is only valid for 90 days, and is mainly used for executives on meeting trips and conferences. Extensions for this visa are prohibited. The long term business visa is a temporary visa that lasts for up to four years. The visa was mainly designed for emigrants wanting to be employed by an already established Australian company, or an international company about to begin franchise operations.

To be eligible for a long term business visa, the applicant has to have a sponsorship plan organised in advance, and prove the business is legal and successful. If the strict conditions of the visa are not met, then a cancellation can take place immediately, rendering the visa useless.

Another program set up by the Australian Immigration Office is the Australian Business Migration program. This visa aims at luring successful overseas businesspeople into Australia on a permanent basis. Executives, investors and/or business owners are the main emigrants that qualify for this visa. There are two types of business visas. The Business Skills Provisional visa is valid for a total of four years, after which the operations of the business is analysed. If the company meets all the requirements set out by the Australian government, a permanent residency Business Skills visa is granted. The permanent business visa that is directly given upon arrival is called the Business Talent visa.

Applicants who are sponsored by the State or Territory governments are granted a Business Talent visa, and enjoy full permanent residency status. Emigrants that receive one of these visas either begin businesses within the country, or have certain monetary value. These visas make it an easier path for emigrants to apply for Australian citizenship after four years of living in the country.

The General Skilled Migration visas are quite popular methods to obtain a visa. However, these work on a points system, where applicants must have accumulated enough points to be considered for the visa. For example, a skilled independent visa requires 120 points. Applicants get points for a range of attributes, including but not limited to age, experience, Australian-recognised qualifications, English ability, and nomination. These visas generally take a much longer period for the application process.