Renting In Australia

Renting In Australia
Australia's property market is booming. The large number of residential properties located around the cities and towns, from the city centres to the surrounding outskirts, make it possible for emigrants to rent instead of buy. However, there are a few important facts that new residents should know before renting property within Australia.

Over the past decade, Australia has seen a massive increase in the number of housing developments and renovations throughout major cities. Even though some 70 percent of the population owns their own properties, the rental market has also seen a boost with the increase in local housing developments.

Even though monthly rental costs are usually lower than monthly mortgages and maintenance costs, rentals in Australia are still quite high in comparison to the earning power of the average Australian. Of course, the closer towards the city people get, the higher the prices are per square metre. On average, Sydney and Melbourne are the most expensive cities in Australia for renting, followed closely by Brisbane.

Emigrants can begin looking and even arranging rentals before moving to Australia. There are various websites available online that will provide abode hunters with information about the many types of rental properties in the country. Online sites like, and provide foreigners with a sneak peek of the properties in most towns and cities across Australia. In addition, there are plenty of real estate companies with online contacts, allowing overseas based individuals to explore the rental availabilities and costs within Australia.

In addition, prospective renters who are still residing overseas can find Australian newspapers, which advertise property availability on a daily basis. However, Saturday and Sunday newspapers usually contain the most offers during the week.

For property in high demand, rental hunters may find themselves fighting for the contract with dozens of other people. The most sought after property in the country are found close to some sort of transportation, including bus stations and train stations. It is recommended that people don't wait too long if they find something that interests them. Strive to contact the realtor as soon as possible, and arrange for an inspection. The chance of others doing the same thing for a piece of wanted property is extremely high.

When it comes to securing the rental contract, there are a few things people can do to increase their chances. Upon visiting the property, try to dress appropriately. Believe it or not, but the last thing a homeowner wants to do is leave their property in the hands of someone that cannot take care of themselves. Bring all the required documents to the inspection, including work permit and passport, driver's license, salary slip, employment letter, contact details and bank statements. If people have any past references then this would certainly help. In addition, be aware that pets can sometimes have a negative affect.