Property And Paperwork In Australia

Property And Paperwork In Australia
If you're looking to rent a property in Australia, there are certain documents that may need to be checked first. It is a good idea to create a tenancy application pack before beginning to look at properties in the country, so when you find the house of your preference, there is less time spent gathering all the required paperwork. It also ensures the rental application can be submitted as quickly as possible and other potentially beating other interested parties to the property.

Among the things which should be in the application pack are: references from a previous property you have rented in your home country; print outs of bank statements which show either a regular income or sufficient savings to cover the rent; and a cover later which describes your current situation. In addition, if you have any paperwork from a property you may have rented in Australia upon arriving you will need to show that, while you will also need to provide proof that you are applying for jobs or, if you have one already, provide a copy of the contract or your payslips.

Prospective tenants must also provide a number of items of personal identification. Passport will be needed, as will your driver's licence from your home country or Australia. The real estate agents in the country use a points system to calculate if prospective tenants achieve a sufficient score to rent the property. If the documents provided help gain a score of 100 or higher, you will be deemed suitable for the property.

If you are not a permanent resident of Australia, you must be granted the Foreign Investment Review Board's permission to purchase a property or land for building on. You must also apply for this if you are purchasing a property as a joint ownership with a legal resident of Australia. This is usually relatively straightforward, but it is a legal requirement which must be adhered to. The application will be processed within 30 days and you will be informed if you have been granted or denied permission.

If you have immigrated to Australia and are already a permanent resident, there are no restrictions on buying properties. The paperwork and identification which must be provided is much the same as with renting a property, although each state and territory operates differently in terms of the legal paperwork required and transferring the home ownership between the two parties. It is advised to seek legal advice from a lawyer operating in the state you're hoping to buy in.